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XPOFOTO images have been purchased by a wide array of publishers, among them: The Today Show, Lonely Planet, National Geographic Expeditions, Smithsonian Journeys. Vice News, Outside Magazine Online, MSN, Yale Environment Review and others. My photographs have earned recognition at Sony World Photography Awards and Defenders of Wildlife Awards. I’ve also done some photojournalism in Belfast, Northern Ireland during The Troubles and in post-invasion Iraq (2005-2007), while employed by the U.S. Dep’t of State. Maybe, I’ll explain that debacle some other time, or place.

My favorite client to date has been the popular author of the Wind River mystery series, Margaret Coel. My photographs and video were used to produce a video “trailer” for the book “Killing Custer” – similar to movie trailers, which I think is a great idea, even if it wasn’t my idea. You were previously able to see it at the author’s Website, but no longer with the book out of print. Trust me, you’d have liked it.

I know that many photographers wax lyrical, describing their background, work and motivation. Maybe I should too, but if a photo is worth a thousand words, I’ll let the images say whatever they choose to and leave the interpretation to the viewer. Enjoy. I enjoyed taking them (with some exceptions).

XPOFOTO is represented internationally by a number of stock photo agencies, with greater selection than is displayed here. Note that photo selection varies from one agency to another. So, if you find an image at an agency to which you don’t have an account, please connect with me to license photos directly, or to discuss possible contract assignments.

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